Penny Penchers Rejoice Dungeon Defenders free on Android Market

In app billing saves us a buck or three

One of the advantages to in-app billing being pushed out by Google is the fact that the developers now have an alternative revenue option. I noted in the article I wrote announcing this feature that it would be very beneficial to both the developer and the end-user, and you can reap the benefits of this right now by saving three bucks on Trendy Entertainments Unreal Engine powered Dungeon Defenders. I have long been a fan of this tower defense game (works better on high-end phones) and now it will cost you nothing in the android market. Free apps have long been one of the hallmarks of the Android platform and the floodgates are going to open even further now that developers have another way to make some cash by selling items and upgrades within their apps. Bottom line this a win win situation for game fans and game developers now lets just hope this trend ( no pun intended Trendy) continues.
Press release below.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave goes Free-to-Play on Android, shows off optimizations for iPad 2

Trendy launches a free-to-play version of DD:FW supported by Google's new in-app purchasing, discounts iOS version to $0.99

Gainesville, FL - 29 March 2011 -

Trendy Entertainment will publish a free-to-play version of Dungeon Defenders: First Wave to the Android Marketplace today, now that Google has launched their new in-app purchasing system. This version will allow users to buy pets, armor, equipment, and a host of other in-game items via in-app purchasing.

"Android Market's in-app-billing is a huge way for developers to provide content to gamers and Trendy is thrilled to celebrate this new feature by offering DD:FW for free to Android devices. We hope everybody with a capable device will try it out and tear up some orcs & goblins with us online!" -Jeremy Stieglitz, Development Director, Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is also available on iOS, where it will go on a week- long sale of $0.99 to celebrate its optimization for the iPad2. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is one of the only games on the iOS App Store to support full multi-threading on the iPad2's dual-core processors, as you can see in the amazing iPad2 performance video linked below.

"The iOS version of Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is one of the first applications to take full advantage of the iPad 2's dual-core processor and beefy GPU, providing gamers with an eye- watering, HD action-packed online RPG experience! To make the game accessible to everyone, we're discounting it to $0.99 on iOS. Put simply, if you own an iPad 2, you owe it to yourself to play this game and experience what your powerful new device is truly capable of!" -Jeremy Stieglitz, Development Director, Trendy Entertainment

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