No Droid Charge Release Yesterday, Verizon Yanks newest ad off YouTube

Verizon Removes Newest Samsung Droid Charge Ad, Where Did We See This Before?

Verizon released a new Samsung Droid Charge ad, but I can't share it with you.  It's been pulled, no doubt along with the phone itself.  The Droid Charge was supposed to be released yesterday, but its launch was quietly aborted.  There's no mention of the Droid Charge on Verizon's website anymore, either.  There's the contest on, but there's no longer anything on the real website about the phone itself.  And now the ad has been turned private.

This is sounding very familiar.  Can you say Thunderbolt?  How many never-actually-confirmed release dates for that beleaguered LTE device came and went, along with the ads on YouTube mysteriously disappearing?

Strange Activity Across Nation: Not Just in the Droid Charge Ads

Then there was the mysterious Verizon LTE outage, which was essentially a data blackout as LTE-enabled devices failed to find the 3G network when LTE wouldn't connect.  Talk about "thousands of servers across the midwest instantaneously overloaded"!

Anyway, here's the link to the newest Droid Charge video, should Big Red decide that it's okay for you to watch it again.  The image from it on top was snagged by Droid-Life, who grabbed the screenshot before it was so quickly bundled off to wherever misbehaving LTE devices have to hide until they're ready to behave in public.  Droid-Life called the ad "massive."

As a consolation prize, here's the ads that are still available.  These are teasers, you won't see the phone itself.

Verizon DroidLanding/ChargeLanding Videos

So, what do you think of the ads, and of the Mysterious Disappearance of the Samsung Droid Charge?

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