Nexus One Having Calling Issues on Gingerbread

HTC Nexus One

Hello? Hello? Oh, there you are

Back in February, no one could have been more ecstatic to get an update than those using a Nexus One. The update to 2.3 was certainly a great relief, allowing N1 owners to get access to the Gingerbread OS. But now it seems like there may be an issue with the build for that particular device.

A number of Nexus One owners are reporting a bug with their calling application, in that there is a 2-3 second delay between the time they answer the call and when they can actually hear the person on the other end. The bug seems to be only affecting those users who have upgraded to 2.3.

It’s been heard (for a lack of a better phrase) around the rumor mill that other phones, such as the HTC Desire is having the same problem, but that’s only a handful of users. If you are experiencing this issue, there is a third party application in the market that claims to patch the bug, but it doesn’t work for everyone. If you are experiencing this bug, try the 3rd party app or try a different ROM, but let google know in their bug tracker and hopefully there will be a fix out soon.