Motorola's First Tegra 3 Devices:Bullet And The Jet


A rumor has been reported on DroidLife about two planned devices from Motorola. The big news is that they will be powered by the quad-core Tegra 3 SoC, the bad news is they aren't scheduled until Q1 2012. Nvidia has already previewed the Tegra 3 which should be up to 5x faster than the Tegra 2, and said it should be ready for manufacturers in the second half of 2011 so Moto will have no problem having these devices ready for Q1 2012.

Motorola Bullet

The Codenamed Bullet will be a slate style device featuring a 4.3" qHD display, the quad-core Tegra 3, and either 1 or 1.5 GB of DDR 2 memory. It should ship with 16GB of on board memory, a new rear camera with a massive 12 megapixel sensor and it should incorporate NFC technology. It should be the first of the 2 to launch and we are thinking CES 2012.

Motorola Jet

The codenamed Jet will more than likely be the next iteration of the Droid as it will sport a full hardware QWERTY keyboard. It will feature a 4" qHD display and feature the same 1 or 1.5 GB of DDR2 as the Bullet along with the quad-core Tegra 3. The Jet will also come with the same 12 megapixel shooter, 16GB of on board memory and incorporate an NFC chip. The keyboard will be redesigned and should be the most functional version on any Android powered device.



Motorola is incorporating some very high-end hardware in these rumored devices the Bullet seems to line up closely with the Targa mentioned before. The new 12 megapixel camera is a big improvement from Moto and might finally be what's needed to officially remove the need to carry a dedicated point and shoot. Although they are not currently specified as Verizon devices early rumors indicate that they will be 4G LTE devices and feature the Droid Moniker.

Needless to say these are very exciting releases even though they are some 7 months away. Surely more information will become available in the coming months and we will be sure to keep you up to date as it does. In the meantime what are your opinion on these rumored next-gen devices from Motorola.

Via Droid-Life