Meizu Intends to Enter US Market with Office in California


Meizu Coming to the US

Meizu is an up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer that intends to release their Android devices in the US market. Jack Wong, the CEO of Meizu, recently stated his plans to start an office in California, but did not give a timetable for the move. This would mean the M9 pictured and the upcoming MX would be added to the mix of US-bound Android devices.

Meizu and the Apple Lawsuit

Apple filed a lawsuit against Meizu and their M8 stating it was too similar in design to the iPhone. Take a look and you can see it is a bit of an iPhone lookalike. The claim is similar to one Apple made against Samsung, but the patent dispute ended with Meizu being cleared.

The M9, however, is a more original design, but gives Steve Jobs a jab with its Retina-matching 3.5 inch 960 x 640 resolution display. It is a very capable device featuring a 1 GHz processor from Samsung and runs a nicely skinned version of Android OS 2.2.


Meizu M9 Video Preview

Via Electronista