Making fast faster; XDA oveclocks the XOOM to 1.5ghz!

Motorola XOOM ocd

Xoom Amazingly Fast

Since the XOOM came out I can't recall anyone saying the device was too slow for, well for anything! That doesn't stop the amazing modder community at XDA though. They have a kernel called Tiamat that they made just for the XOOM, and it makes the device insanely fast! This is no easy task to create, and not an easy thing to do for your device either.

First, like most things, you need ROOT access to the device. After that you have to load up the kernel and adjust it accordingly. it is by NO means for the lightweight, and honestly i'm not sure when the extra speed would even be necessary. I'm sure it will someday, but i'm happy with the current performance of the device for now. If you have a XOOM and are looking for what could be a challenge, check out the XDA thread about it. If you try this or tried it, let us know about it in the comments!

Via AndroidCommunity