Leak: Interested in the Dell Streak Tablet? Here Comes a 10 incher

April 25, 2011 - Written By Randy Arrowood

Ten Inch Dell Streak Pro on the Way

If you are one of the people that simply must have a Dell-branded Android tablet, there is good news on the horizon for you. Leaked information says that a new 10 inch tablet, called the Dell Streak Pro, is coming in June.

It will sport that previously mentioned 10 inch WXGA screen, a Tegra T2S processor, a data-only radio with two microphones for chat and video use only. It will also have an “enterprise application stack” and that whiz-bang Dell “Stage 1.5” user interface.

What We Don’t Know About the Dell Streak Pro

Key omissions from the leak are any reference to RAM or on-board storage, but it will be Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) equipped, so it will likely spec out fairly well in both areas. There is also no mention of an SD slot, but leaving that out would be suicide in the era of Android tablet computing.

The leak also mentions a crippled 13 inch¬†convertible¬†tablet. Crippled you say? It’s a Windows 7-only device. That would have been interesting to see in a Honeycomb configuration.

Source: Android Central