IMPRESSIONS: The Kyocera Echo, My First Day

First Day with the Kyocera Echo, A Power User's Reactions

I have had my first day with the Kyocera Echo today, and I found some things out. First of all I opened my shipping box and found that I had TWO boxes to pull out. I wondered WHY TWO? One I found out was the box for the phone, the other was a bigger black box with a silver lid, I opened that up and found the phone and a two gig flash drive. I then opened the actual phone box and found two batteries and an extra battery charger, so you charge both.


Kyocera Echo Came with Two Batteries, And Needs Them

I found out today that I needed both batteries. I needed them because I am what I call a power user, I have mentioned this in the past. I use twitter and it refreshes every two or four hours, Facebook is every 4 or 8, I was also streaming music from AudioGalaxy and Amazon and used a Bluetooth headset (which is getting reviewed soon for this site) and it sucked a lot of battery! I will try tomorrow without streaming music and maybe tone the twitter/Facebook back.

So How About the Echo's Dual Screens?

I like the dual screens! I really do, I do not find it to be a gimmick, I can watch YouTube, read texts/tweets a lot easier, Google Reader is awesome with a bigger screen, it isn't like the Motorola Xoom that stretches Reader out, it utilizes the screen just right. The nearly 5 inch screen is awesome. It works great.

I also got a lot of second looks and comments, while at work many many people told me it was cool and many more were envious! My first day is over all a good thing, we will see how day 2 goes.  Stay tuned! I will have more Kyocera Echo impressions here and on twitter.

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