HTC ThunderBolt Overclocked Again, 2.016 GHz?

new thunderbolt commercial

Ah yes, the HTC ThunderBolt.  This beast of a device was merely a single core blazing fast phone which was sought after for months.  I personally love mine.  Haven’t rooted it yet, but now I might have a good reason to do so.

Recently we have covered a story on the ThunderBolt being overclocked to 1.8 GHz.  Now it blows past that at a speed of 2.016 GHz.  Keep in mind, the phone can’t run stable at these speeds.  That’s probably obviously why it wasn’t launched running that fast, although, according to Derek Rodriguez (@drod2169 on twitter), his ThunderBolt has run at a  stable speed of 1.996 GHz.

I would highly, highly not recommend you overclock your phone at these speeds, unless if you lost power or gas in your house and need something to boil a pot of water on.  Will you be brave enough to try it out?  Let us know.  Here’s one of his tweets below.

Source: Android Community