HTC Devices To Receive Gingerbread By June

The newest smartphone version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been out since the start of this year. It is four months later and we have yet to see a phone feature this OS except for the Nexus S. At this rate by the time most phones begin to receive the update the newer version Ice Cream will be released and the entire platform will be a version behind.

HTC Devices To Receive Gingerbread By June

HTC has had a good track record of supporting their phones with future upgrades and it has been reported that the recently released Verizon Thunderbolt 4G and the Sprint EVO 3D 4G will receive the upgrade to Gingerbread sometime in June.

This however is still not good enough in the eyes of many. A flagship device released over 3 months after the new OS was released should ship with that new OS. Paying top dollar for a new phone means you are paying for the latest and greatest, but still running last years OS. This is not an issue just affecting HTC the entire Android platform suffers from this delayed upgrade process.

What's Up With The 6 Month Delay For HTC Devices To receive Gingerbread?

Sure it is great news for those who plan on getting these great phones that they will see the upgrade, but the wait is simply unacceptable. Their has been a lot of noise lately about Andy Rubin and the Android team and their battle to fight fragmentation.

It is more than the fact that it takes time to upgrade manufacturers UI with each OS release. It does not take six months if teams like Cyanogen can do it in one. Hopefully the Android team can shorten the upgrade process, but something needs to be done and that is for sure. What do you guys think about the Six Month delay for Gingerbread on flagship devices?

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