Honeycomb Tablets And Intel Oak Trail Chips Play Nice, Could Come Together In May


Waiting Long Enough for Mobile Intel?

Could it be? Finally after all these long months (years?), could it be that Intel is finally ready to release a processor into the mobile space? Thats the word coming from Intel themselves as they start releasing its first tablet based processor codenamed Oak Trail.

According to PC World, Intel and Google have been working closely to make sure that  Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) will work with Oak Trail, allowing Intel to give the option for developers to build tablets that dual boot Windows and Android (until that ARM version of Windows 8 is in our hands).


Intel Oak Trail Chip Specifications

The chip itself will be a single core 1.5 GHz processor with Imagination's PowerVR SGX535 graphics core allowing 1080p video playback. Sadly though, Intel is already admitting power consumption won't be of the same standard as we are used to seeing with ARM devices.

Intel Developer Forum

We should start seeing the fruits of Intel and Google's labor at the Intel Developer Forum in May, with around 35 tablets from a range of different manufacturers (including Lenovo, Samsung and Fujitsu) expected to be shown.

Thoughts on an Intel Mobile Chip

While competition is always good is Intel's offerings going to be good enough? I don't think your average customers are going to want a tablet with a 3 hour battery life, whether it runs Windows or not. Plus with other chip makers focusing on dual core processors and quad cores, how will Intel attempt to stand out?


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