Gingerbread ED12 build for Samsung Epic 4G leaked and rooted



Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has been out for a bit now, and now little crumbs are starting to leak out for everyone. Now the Samsung Epic 4G's Gingerbread build has been leaked and is now rooted and ready to be flashed to your device. But with every leaked ROM there is bound to be bugs, and this one isn't any different.



Some of the known bugs are:

  • 4G does not work
  • GPS does not work
  • Wake lag present
  • Does not boot when plugged in and powered off, unplug it to boot
  • Temperature sensor readings are incorrect. You may see interrupted charging due to bad battery temp readings.
  • Slide to unlock button sometimes 'sticks'
  • Has Carrier IQ


Look at ACSyndicate for instructions and more information.