Finally Google Makes A Native Google Docs App For Android


Finally A Native Google Docs App

If you are like me then you having been switching back and forth between office applications trying to figure out which one is the best, and how to pay the least amount as possible. Well Google heard our prayers and released an official Google Docs App and if it can match the quality of the other Google Apps such as the Gmail app then we are definitely in luck.

Feature Set

The Google Docs App includes most of the features that you would expect and a nice surprise in one new feature that will definitely get a lot of use on my phone. There is access to all of your documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and photos with the ability to switch between multiple accounts. Any changes are updated instantly to your account as well as to collaborators for quick mobile team editing. There is also a home screen widget for quick access to document creation and starred items.

Mobile Scanning

The new feature that I mentioned earlier is one where you can take a picture of any printed documents you have and they will be scanned into your account as an editable document. It works well with outlines and basic fonts, however I did encounter a few issues when trying to scan a full-page of typed text.


Overall the app is great for a first release and you should have no problem creating or editing Docs on the fly. It is available now so head over to the Android Market for the free download.