Early Photos: LG Optimus One Heads to AT&T

lg optimus a

AT&T Will Carry LG's Optimus One (Optimus A?)

The LG Optimus One is currently one of the most ubiquitous Android devices. Virtually every carrier in the US currently offers their own version of this phone.

And now, it appears that AT&T will be no exception. Our friends at PocketNow have gotten their hands on an image of an AT&T-branded Optimus One, so it likely won't be long before we see this one out in the wild.


Optimus A?

To date, virtually all of the carriers offering this phone have released their version using the naming protocol "Optimus + first-letter-of-carrier-name," so it's likely that this will be called the "Optimus A." (The notable exception to this pattern is the Verizon-flavored version of this phone, sold as the LG Vortex).

Judging by the photo, AT&T's Optimus has a resemblance to its Verizon and MetroPCS cousins, and has similar specs: 3.2 inch display, 600 MHz CPU,  and Android 2.2 (Froyo). While not at the cutting edge of the newest devices, it still packs a respectable punch, and should make a welcome low-end addition to AT&T's Android project line.