Droid Charge, Incredible 2 Next in Line for Verizon Takeoff

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Updated Verizon Roadmap: Droid Charge, Droid Incredible, Xperia Play will Launch in April

We've known for a while about the newest Android devices soon to be released by Verizon. But things seem to have changed already since that leaked report, as we haven't yet seen the release of the first two devices on 4/7 (Samsung Droid Charge and Casio Commando). The latest bulletin on these phones comes in the form of a schedule leaked from KMart, which has fallen into the hands of our friends at DroidLife.

Verizon New Device Launch Dates: Thursday's the Charm

As you can see, we now have retail launch dates for the next three Verizon phones:

  • Samsung Droid Charge: 4/14.
  • HTC Droid Incredible 2: 4/21.
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: 4/28.

Apparently, accessories for the Droid Charge have already arrived in retail stores.

Lots of exciting choices will be available to Verizon customers this spring. Will you be buying any of these? Let us know.