Droid Charge, Incredible 2 Get Minimum Ad Pricing

verizon incredible charge

Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Incredible 2 Pricing Revealed

You know we’re getting close once they start sharing the MAP’D period and pricing.  Next up on Verizon’s list is the Samsung Droid Charge and the HTC Incredible 2.  Keep in mind these prices listed are the minimum advertised prices.  So most likely they will debut lower than what’s shown above.

Minimum Advertised Prices for Droid Charge, HTC Incredible, Could be Lower!

We see this all the time with phones getting released; this gives you a starting point so you can budget the maximum amount of cash you’ll need.  The $299 price they’re asking for the Charge is a bit steep.  What is the price you’re willing to pay?  Will Verizon lower the price down to $200?  Maybe, but $250 is more like it after rebates or discounts.

How about the Incredible 2, will $199 be too much for a 3G phone?  Or is everyone waiting a little longer to take the LTE plunge?  Whichever you decide both of these phones are pretty nice.  However if you want to wait or have to wait based on your contract there will be many more awesome choices coming throughout this year.

For an Incredible Charge, Check out these Phones

For more info on Samsung’s Droid Charge you can go to our site here.  For a quick Incredible 2 preview go here.  Let us know what you think about these phones and which one you would prefer.  If you decide to pass these by, what phone are you interested in getting?

Source: Droid Life