Coming soon: Honeycomb Lockscreen for CM7 Phones

Many of us in the android community are constantly lusting after the latest and greatest, be it hardware, ROMs, apps or themes. Any of you out there aching to recreate the user experience of the tablet exclusive Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) on your Android phones may just have got one step closer to realising that dream. Two XDA members are hard at work on a Honeycomb-style lockscreen that will work on tablets and phones running CyanogenMod 7. Drakknar, the proud designer of the Rotary Revamped and Lense CM7 Lockscreens, has teamed up with mad-murdock, the developer behind "tablet tweaks" (currently working on version 2!) to bring this lockscreen to the community.

As you can see, Drakknar has created some stunning mock-ups of what the lockscreen will look like in both landscape (for tablets) and portrait (for phones) mode. This concept art gives a sense of a very clean, informative lockscreen with indicators for missed calls, text messages, email and battery status, and even music player controls. It's also been discussed over in the original XDA thread whether or not to add read notifications for text messages and power control to the lockscreen.

For owners of Android 2.2 tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which are unlikely to see a 3.0 update, this lockscreen and other such tweaks that allow you to give your device a Honeycomb makeover might breathe some new life into your tablet and allow you to hang onto it for longer.

The project is still in development at time of writing and no release date has been set just yet, but based on the great work that's come out of XDA-developers in the past, they won't keep us waiting too long!

If you simply can't wait for this to be released, there is a MetaMorph theme available called Morph (found here) which rooted CM users can apply to make their lockscreen look a bit like Honeycomb. While it's lacking the cool animation and the ring around the lock icon, it will give you the look of Honeycomb, and if you really must there's even a flashable zip available to change the clock font to look more like Honeycomb's. Once you've installed Morph and rebooted, you'll find some new options in CyanogenMod's lockscreen settings. You'll naturally need to download MetaMorph from the Android Market first.


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