Breaking News:Thew New Droid Bionic With An Improved Form Factor


"New" Droid Bionic Arriving This Summer

We reported earlier today that the Droid Bionic was being removed from the Motorola website as proof that it may in fact be cancelled. There have been countless rumors, however the one with the most credibility is about the Bionic being delayed because of performance issues. Motorola then announced it would be delayed until summer so they could add enhancements to ensure it keeps its phone of the year status.

Improved Form Factor

As of today the Droid Bionic has been completely removed from Motorola's site except for the above page which is Motorola's press statement about the delay. The page speaks about the "NEW" Bionic so excuse the date which is of the original Bionic announcement as this clearly speaks of the enhanced version.

Motorola's Statement:

Based on compelling feedback since the show, we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience. This includes expanded features, functionality and an improved form factor. Motorola Mobility and Verizon Wireless are very excited about bringing the 'new' DROID BIONIC to market.


New Droid Bionic

The release states that Motorola is planning something big with the Droid Bionic that they do release this summer. In order for them to have success like the original Droid it is going to have to be a device along the lines of the rumored Targa. It would be the first quad-core device by months and would provide the hit Motorola is looking for.

It is safe to say the Bionic as we know it doesn't exist anymore which is bad news for those on Verizon looking to upgrade in the immediate future. However I for one am excited to see what Motorola finally releases and hope that it lives up to the Hype. Only they know what exactly is meant by new form factor, but that wont stop everyone from putting in their 2 cents on what it may be. So go ahead and tell us what you think the new Droid Bionic will be once it's released this summer in the comment section below.

Via Droid-Life