HTC Incredible S Takes on Competition, Bell Picks Easy Opponents

incredible s copy

Bell Puts Out Comparison Chart Favoring its HTC Incredible S

Bell Mobility recently released a sell against sheet to help customer service better help you with making the decision of picking up the new HTC Incredible S.  Anyone who knows anything about the HTC Incredible S already knows that this phone is one of the best phones out on the market today.  The entire Incredible line has been very stable devices which offers fantastic specs.

HTC Incredible S vs Motorola Defy and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Within the  graphic displayed it puts the Incredible S up against the Motorola Defy and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.  This “competition” may be a little unfair on Bell’s part.  The Incredible S obviously trumps these other two phones, but the comparison was most likely put in place as a demonstration of the latest hottest phones by the other leading service providers.  If you’re into game play the Xperia Play may be the phone for you, but if you would like the best stable device on the market I would go with the Incredible S.  Which phone would you choose?  Let us know.

Source: Mobile Syrup