Beautiful Widgets Updated for Honeycomb, Still Lives up to its Name

Beautiful Widget Honeycomb beta 595x371

Beautiful Widgets Now with Honeycomb, A Treat for the Eye and Your Device

Beautiful Widgets first came to everyone's attention as "that clock widget that looks a lot like HTC's." Their full support of user-created themes and add-ons have made them a heavy favorite within the Android community. Besides clocks, Beautiful Widgets specializes in weather, battery, and customizable today widgets.

And now Beautiful Widgets 3.5

Now BW has expanded much beyond that, and this latest update will only help them get on everyone's phone and tablet. Beautiful Widgets 3.5 has an all new 4 x 3 widget (the best size for a Motorola XOOM widget).  It has true Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) menu options (as seen in the pic above in the top left and right corners), and now can show you the moon phases as well!

Honeycomb Included in Latest Version at no extra charge

I beta-tested this version of BW, and I was extremely happy to see that they decided to incorporate the new features into the application, instead of creating Beautiful Widgets HD and having users buy another version. While I'm sure that more tablet-friendly features are on their way, I'd personally love to see a Market-esque widget where you can have different cities all in the one widget, and you can scroll through to see their current conditions. Good idea, right? Hopefully they see that and go with it.

You can get the all new Beautiful Widgets 3.5 by going to the Android Market to update, or install for the first time if you haven't already. For all the support these widgets get, the $2.88 asking price is an amazing deal, and that purchase will be able to be installed on your tablet as well if you decide to get one later on down the road. Check out the full change log straight from the developer's mouth below.

Beautiful Widgets 3.5 Changelog

3.5 – 11th Apr 2011

– Full Support for Tablets with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
– Added moon phases (current and the next phases) in the forecast window (under Menu)
– Added multiples date format for the Super Clock
– Added a 4—3 Super Clock, mostly designed for Tablets
– It is not required to configure the widget anymore when inserting it
– 24 Hours/12 Hours modes and C°/F° modes are now detected at the first launch
– Fixed the weather network layers freezing the device when updating
– Fixed force close with Live Wallpaper and sunrise/sunset calculation
– Live wallpaper sensor orientation fixed for Honeycomb devices
– Sorting skins is now done locally instead of doing it from the server, which result in faster operations and less load on the server
– Android 1.5 support had to be removed to support newer Android versions. Android 1.5 users should not install future updates.
– Fixed support for Polish font encoding and Google Weather
– Japan is using Accuweather by default
– Lot of other bugfixes and optimizations
– Reduced this changelog so it does not crash with Cyanogen 7 final when displayed

Do you use Beautiful Widgets?  Share your thoughts below.