AT&T Wants you to Commit, Raises Price of 1-year Contracts

thumb 550 att price change

AT&T: Want a 1 Year Contract? Prices are Going Up!  Because we said so!

Our buddies over at Android Central found this information out, and it's not looking good for tech-savvy Android fans. It looks like their 1-year contract price is going up an astonishing $150! That a pretty HUGE difference!!

The one year contract is a better way to get a new phone each year, and at one point it wasn't that bad of a deal to do. I realize with how competitive carriers are getting they want to keep you around as long as you can, but this ISN'T the way to do so. If you want to keep people around provide a quality service, excellent phone selection and competitive pricing. Just when AT&T started to show more Android love (coincidentally after they lost iPhone exclusivity) they go ahead and pull this one.

I'm sure most people just go with the two-year contracts, but since you're a reader of our site you've seen how fast these new great phones have been coming out. Is this the final straw for any of our readers? Personally this and their 4G slower than 3G phone stunt make me happy I left them back in '09 for the Original Droid!