Angry Birds Seasons to Get "Amazing" Update next week for Easter


Easter Eggs for Angry Birds!

Angry Birds: A popular mobile phone game where the "Angry Birds" try to retrieve their eggs from the green pigs that stole them.

Easter: A religious holiday that is commercially celebrated by the "Easter Bunny" hiding eggs for kids to find and leaving them candy to eat.

So What's in the Basket?

It didn't surprise me when Rovio stated that Angry Birds: Seasons would be getting an Easter update, since they are both centered around the almighty Egg. If you came here looking for an article riddled with Egg puns, go elsewhere! I won't sink to that level!

When Rovio uses a word like "amazing" it makes me excited to see what they mean. I'd assume its not just more levels with a slight holiday theme attached this time around. Not to say that's a bad thing, but something new to the game would be interesting. Rio, to me at least, almost completely rebooted the game by adding the monkeys and boss battles, so maybe they'll have an Easter Bunny boss battle? Probably not, but you have to admit that would be very amusing. We'll let you know next week as soon as the update comes out.