Angry Birds enjoy some colored eggs, but these ones are only chocolate

ab easter

Another season/another update. Angry Birds sure does love to give us some themed levels for the holidays. This Easter is no different! In the latest update we have pigs dressed up as bunnies, colorful chocolate eggs, and more hidden golden eggs than previous seasons updates.  The update contains 15 standard levels, 3 you unlock via twitter, and at least the 3-starred level. It's a little too early for all of the golden eggs to be found, but I'm sure they'll be as fun as always. At the time I'm writing this (3PM EST 4/18/11) the Amazon App Store has yet to receive this update, but @Roviomobile on twitter has taken responsibility for this, stating it is their fault when they and @amazonappstore were asked earlier today. A one-off is understandable of course, but if this is an ongoing thing (not only with Rovio, but overall) this could make it very annoying that we have two main stream markets for our devices. I got the ad-free version from Amazon and I'd hate to have to go back just to make sure I get updates in a timely manner. You can update your Seasons application here if you are using the Android Market version, here for the free Amazon App Store one, and finally here if you have the paid ad-free version from Amazon. I don't usually link to both markets, but since so many of us got the ad-free version from Amazon for free during a daily deal I thought i'd post them all.