Android Dumbphone? It May Not Be So Farfetched


How Can Android be a Dumbphone

Well, Android phones can't technically be  dumb phones, but with some low-end devices coming soon, low-priced Android devices may become a reality.

You've probably seen the LG Optimus One, considering it was released on almost EVERY carrier in some form or another. And it wasn't just released as part of a contract deal, it could be found with a contract for ridiculously cheap prices. And why is it so cheap? It's technically a low-end Android device. Android devices are known primarily for their ability to multitask and run extremely taxing applications, but why can't you run Android on lower powered hardware.

Will My Apps Suffer


Hardware manufacturers have gotten wind of this idea, and many plan to release smartphones that are lower powered than their Droid/Nexus counterparts. I wouldn't be scared to think that you'll be struggling to run apps on these low-end devices, but if you look at how hardware has evolved over time, it'll show that what is high-end today, may become low-end tomorrow. Lower end phones and devices will mean lower prices, lower contracts, lower hassle. This thought process is exciting to hear about, because it will result in Android phones landing in the hand of more users than ever before.

Android, King of the World

People who want a smartphone but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for Android, will now have the option to buy a lower end device at a lower cost and still get the great benefits of the Android operating system. And who knows, maybe in a month, a dual-core CPU will be the backbone for "low-end". Projected sales show that low-end Android "dumbphones" will be able to reach the near 80% of all people who can only afford a dumbphone. I don't know about you, but I feel as if this move is where we begin to see the Android phone market slowly creep up and completely overtake the iPhone and Windows Phone market share. It will only be a short amount of time before every phone user, will be an Android phone user, and that's something I can not wait for.

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