Android App Helps Police Officers Find Carjacking Suspects


Lookout Mobile App Recovers Stolen Vehicle, Helps Nab Carjackers

Police officers in the city of Peoria, Arizona, are very thankful for an Android app called Lookout Mobile Security. By using the app they were quick to finding a car than had been stolen from a woman at knifepoint.

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Thursday, close to 2:15 a.m. The young woman was in the parking lot of her condo. She was suddenly approached by two men. Threatening the young woman with a knife, they set off with her 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. The woman's Android phone was left in the car.


She called the police station informing the city's officers that she had Lookout Mobile installed on her Android phone, which is designed to find your phone if it's stolen or lost. This is similar to the HTC Sense service that uses the online portal, which can be used for the same purpose Lookout offers.

Fortunately Cop Was Android Savvy

The Sergeant who seemed a little tech-savvy used the website to track the woman's phone which was on Sprint's network, using a GPS signal. "I've been characterized as the computer geek, I guess the computer guru. I've been playing with programming since I was 6 years old… I have an Android system myself," Peoria Police Sgt. Anthony Wolfe said with a little pride.


The signal led the police officers to the dangerous culprits. The suspects were at an apartment complex six miles away from where the officers were. Within just 17 minutes, the two harmful men were in custody.

Both men will face armed robbery charges and were sent to 4th Avenue Jail.

Fox News Phoenix report on the Carjacking and Android-based Recovery

You can catch the myFox news report at the myFox Phoenix website; here is their video:


Droid App Aids in Carjacking Suspects' Arrests:

Forget the Stolen Car, How Can I Get this Useful App?


If you are also interest in the Lookout app for Android, it is entirely FREE. You can check out Lookout's website for info or you can just get it straight here from the Market.