AMD to Join NVidia in the Android Chipset Market

Nvidia AMD Chips

AMD, the always-second-in-competition chipset manufacturer has decided to jump into the Android fray.  A few years ago, AMD purchased ATI, the chief graphics-card competitor to NVidia.  NVidia, of course, is the maker of the best chipset available for Android today, the Tegra 2.  AMD itself is second only to Intel in the Desktop and Notebook computer markets for processors.  Intel has even stated their intentions to join up with making Android processors.

Basically, AMD is late to the game.  If they want to be able to compete at all (among the likes of NVidia, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm, the reigning champs of Android), they need to have a complete game-changer.  No one likes to be second-best, and no one will want to purchase phones or tablets from a producer that has not shown itself to be "good at Android."

Regardless, AMD is in the midst of hiring developers to write Android drivers.  We have no idea which handset manufacturers might already be on the Android train, and we also don't know whether AMD has already developed their chipset or if they are only just beginning the process.  However, you know we will tell you as soon as we know.