Amazon is giving away eight Motorola Xoom tablets because selling them apparently isn’t working

April 27, 2011 - Written By Randy Arrowood


Amazon really wants to make sure that you are aware of the greatness that is Amazon Prime so if you head on over to their Facebook page they are running an A-to-Z giveaway to promote the service. The first letter is A and that stand for Android and with all of the Xoom’s sitting on the shelf they are giving away eight of them if you like their page and give them your details.

Amazon Prime is a great service. For the low, low price of $80 a year you get unlimited 2nd day shipping on all PrimeĀ eligibleĀ items that Amazon sells. There’s no worry about placing your order when you have a list of things to get the combined shipping. Scan the bar code on the laundry detergent and it’s on the way. If you notice later that you need more paper towels, scan the code and it’ll be along shortly. I use it for gifts, household items, belts, watches and on and on and on. What items are Prime eligible? Anything that Amazon sells or handles the fulfillment for if the item is sold by an Amazon affiliate. I was giving Amazon hundreds of dollars per year in shipping fees so Prime made total sense to me.

You also get unlimited streaming from their currently very limited video on demand streaming service. As the Amazon ecosystem system grows you can expect more and more of these types of benefits to be added to Prime in my opinion.

Head on over and sign up. Remember to check back weekly for the new giveaway of the moment as you will have to enter your details again for each giveaway that you want to take part in.

From: Amazon