Zap Yourself in both feet, with Zappos Android App


Zappos: Shop for Shoes on your Smartphone

With the adoption of smartphones becoming more and more prevalent, due in part to the growth of the Android platform, mobile shopping has become a multibillion dollar market. Mobile apps from the likes of eBay and Amazon have spurred this growth and now shoe (and more) retailer Zappos has decided to join the fray with a dedicated app for the Android smartphone platform.

Zap Your Order into Zappos

iPhone and iPad versions of the app are already available and now Android users have an app with similar goodies. Users can browse, search, review, and share shoes, jewelery, clothes and a number of other items. The same robust customer service Zappos offers is available for purchases made with the app including one of the best return policies around (1 year) and 24 hour customer support.


Zappos parent company Amazon is continuing to make headway into the mobile space and even recently lauched an app store for the Android platform. With the popularity of  Zappos, Amazon doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

You can download the Zappos app from the Android Market.