XOOM Wi-Fi Breaks Ground and hit's the Streets, Staples Sells it Early

xoom staples2 Copy

I guess Sunday wasn't soon enough! The Motorola XOOM has only been out in its 3G+Wi-Fi flavor for a month, but the Wi-Fi one just couldn't wait to show itself. The pic above is from my brother, who couldn't wait until Sunday and nagged a few local Staples stores until one broke under the geek pressure and sold it to him 2 days early! Who wants to buy a new gadget at the END of the weekend anyways? Now he has at least 48 hours of consistent XOOMing until work on Monday… Ok subtract 6-8 for sleep. If you were one of those people who were anxiously waiting for Sunday morning, go bug staples now and let us know if you're successful in the comments! Our buds over at Android Central also have a user with a new Wi-Fi XOOM from Staples today, and they posted a video which we embedded below.