Wirefly confirms ThunderBolt shipping on 17th Pre-Orders Begin Tonight


End To Thunderbolt Rumor Mill

Finally we have a release date for Verizon's first 4G LTE device the HTC Thunderbolt, it will be available on March 17th. At this point everyone knows the details of the new phone featuring a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and 40Gb of total memory. Another first for Verizon is its ability to do simultaneous voice and data, but WireFly reports that it will not ship with integrated Skype functionality.  An email from the online retailer was sent out today stating their availability.

The Email From Wirefly:

The wait is over!!! The HTC ThunderBolt is about to strike!


Wirefly will begin taking pre-orders at 3 a.m. EST tonight (aka midnight tonight Pacific time) .

At that time, this will page update to "Pre-order" status. Your fans can click-through this page to find out our special price and pre-order their phone tonight.



Approved pre-orders will begin shipping March 17.

No Skype, as previously reported, but … simultaneous voice/data capability is alive and well! Don't forget 40GBs of storage … out of the box.

And, of course, with 4G LTE speed, this has to be the best phone on the market to date.



Thunderbolt Pre-Orders

The Thunderbolt is available for Pre-Order at 3 A.M. from WireFly so head on over if your one of the many that has been desperately waiting. Are you guys excited for an end to the "he said, she said" Thunderbolt Saga and ready to get on the speedy LTE network already?