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HTC Thunderbolt: Can't Turn 4G Off?  Some Solutions

As mentioned in Engadget's previous review, there's no option provided in the settings to switch off 4G (Fourth Generation) (LTE (Long Term Evolution)) and force the phone to operate solely on 3G (EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized)). I am with AT&T, and I heard a lot of talk about how the Atrix wasn't up to speed with what was promised, sounds like the same thing it happening with the Thunderbolt, with it cycling between 3G – 4G, and no service at all like with the mobile hotspot.

HTC Thunderbolt: Should have been the HTC Batterybolter Cuz it Eats them all day

This is an issue when conserving battery is more important than reaping the benefits of LTE's high data speeds, which is why I like my phone full speed and always bring my car charger or a spare battery with me just in case. If they want to conserve battery then they should work on conserving it while pumping out the max data speeds it can like the new batteries for the new Samsung Galaxy S II phones coming out later this year, but more on that another time.


Thanks to the *#*#4636#*#* test menu for this solution. On the Thunderbolt it gives you the option to select between LTE + EV-DO, EV-DO only, and LTE only by enabling  or disabling radio waves, though there should be a few power control apps in the app market that have a button to toggle 2G/3G/4G on and off. I don't use it myseslf personally because I like my 3G constantly on. I don't know if it will work with your phone or how good the data toggle works, but for more details on the Power Control Plus widget and what all you can do with it, click here.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to turn LTE on or off on the HTC Thunderbolt:

How to toggle LTE on your thunderbolt (the hard way)

This solution will allow you to toggle LTE because those if us with LTE are experiencing horrible battery life. This method will allow you to turn off LTE use and scanning which has increased my battery life 4 fold (8+ hours on a fufull charge with regular use while not using an app for battery effiency)


1. Access your dialer
2. Enter the code "*#*#4636#*#*"
3. Select "phone information"
4. Scroll down to "set preferred network type"
5. Select 'EvDo only" or "CDMA only" it "CDMA auto"
This will disable the LTE radio.

To reactivate LTE:
1. Steps 1-4
2. Select "LTE Mode"
3. Open the menu again and select "CDMA+LTE/EvDo auto"

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