Waiting for Gingerbread? Try CyanogenMod 7 RC2

cyanogen mod 7 01

What exactly is CyanogenMod?

I know some of you out there aren't into the whole root-your-droid scene, so for those of you wondering, CyanogenMod is a custom ROM for your Android device. A group of highly skilled developers have gathered together to take the source code that Google has posted and make it their own, customize it and release it to the public.

The big deal with RC2

CyanogenMod 7 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is the newest release from the CyanogenMod team, running on a 2.3.3 Gingerbread frame. This particular release candidate has a number of fixes of past releases, including WiMAX on the EVO. It also boasts Notification Profiles, which will allow you change sound settings and other features based on the profile you are currently "signed into".

Does any use CyanogenMod?

Well that is a great question, with an even better answer. In less than 24 hours from the release of RC2, there have been 150,000 downloads of CyanogenMod 7. The RC2 is essentially stuck where it is, without any new releases coming, because the team behind CM is currently in "bugfix" mode, to try and maintain the release candidate as it is now.