HTC Thunderbolt "NOW AVAILABLE" per Verizon Flyer


HTC Thunderbolt, no official release date yet, supposedly available per Verizon

Looks like the weirdness will never end as Verizon is now shipping flyers to current customers with the HTC Thunderbolt labeled as "Now available." Although this is a notice from an Authorized Retailer, it all but sums up just how big of a train wreck this launch has become.

Rumored dates slip, Nothing yet for HTC Thunderbolt

As the latest rumored launch date of March 10th passes, we again look towards the next. Next up, March 17th. Grab your pitchforks and torches because I feel if that if next week passes with no launch, Verizon may no longer be able to use their "there is no delay since we have not announced a release date" excuse any more.


The flyers, along with Best Buy accepting pre-orders since February 7th, the Best Buy ads, and the lack of pricing info may leave customers looking elsewhere.

Source: Droid-Life