Trapster gets Updated; Better Zoom-level and Reporting Support!

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Trapster, Finding Speedtraps Everywhere

Trapster has been helping Android, Blackberry, and iOS users save money on radar detectors, thanks to crowd sourcing speed trap locations for us. The 2.1 update has brought some features back and added a few as well.

The users of this application were quite fond of the quit option, which has now been brought back in the menu options to ensure that the app is completely closed out. As we all know, constant use of the GPS signal is a battery drain that no one enjoys.


Trapster: Reporting Traps and Hazards

The option to report a speed trap or hazard is now a button on the map while in use. If you press it, it stops navigating, lets you report the location, then kicks back in to where you currently are without having to leave the navigation itself.


Trapster Can Move to SD… or Save Space if it Can't

Trapster also has Android OS 2.1 and below users in mind with their theme deletion, since older Android OS phones don't officially have the option to move to SD.  You have the option to delete unused themes from the app to save space on your phone. You can restore them at any time. This is a rather uncommon practice for an app developer, but a good one!

Trapster Saves Your Settings

In addition to all of that, they now save your zoom level when you close the program out, so when you go back its at your desired level.  A lot of these tweaks show that they really listen to their audience, which is something we consumers will never get sick of hearing.


You can download Trapster from the Android Market here. Big Trapster fan? Did you find out about it from this story? Let us know in the comments.