TOTAL DOMINATION: Android To Rule Tablet World By 2014


Android Tablets Forecast to have Largest Market Share

This is definitely no revelation in my eyes but according to Mike Abramsky, General manager of RBC Capital Markets, the firm expects  185 million tablets to be sold at the end of 2014 and the majority of those tablets will be Android-powered. Pretty high expectations but when you're pushing out tablets with the ability to be overclocked to 1.5 GHz, there's definitely some room for optimism.

The Biggest Android Tablet Competition will be the iPads

Of course this isn't to say it will be easy. Google's biggest competition, Apple, definitely will not take this lying down. Their latest addition to the iPad family, the Apple iPad 2, is a dual core beast featuring two cameras and HD video recording. But where Android will beat Apple is in numbers. Their will surely be tablets of all sizes and prices to fit the consumer, and that fact alone makes Abramsky's prediction a very real possibility.


"While Apple's iPad may continue to set the bar high for experience, we expect Android to dominate (40% share Tablets by 2014), given its broader support from OEMs and carriers and expected budget-priced Android Tablets from Asia."

But Android should be market leader on tablets in three years

If any platform is capable of knocking back Apple it is Google Android. Just as it began as a small project platform for smartphones, Android is expected to spread all around the tablet market. This will be necessary to compete with Apple whom can create hype over a product by the sheer presence of their logo.

It's pretty safe to assume the tablet market will be controlled by Apple and Google but at the end of the day, it may be the sheer number of the latter companies devices that ultimately decide the top brand.


Source: Into Mobile