Thunderbolt Boots in the Blink of an Eye..Literally


HTC Thunderbolt has Fast Boot Feature

Lightning strikes so fast all we see is a quick flash of light, the aptly named HTC Thunderbolt boots up just a quick, well almost, it does have the fastest Android boot time yet, how does 10 seconds sound? Slashgear conducted a boot test and made a video of this most impressive 4G beast.

How HTC Thunderbolt Fast Boot Works

It needs to be pointed out that this boot option is known as Fast Boot. Fast Boot has been described as essentially the same principle as your PC coming out of hibernation. This is a great option if you wont be using your phone for awhile and don't want to shut it down completely; put it in hibernation and when you are ready to use it again, it will boot back in 10 seconds.


Why You may not want to use Fast Boot on your HTC Thunderbolt

There may be a few reasons you would not want to use this boot option,  Android Community explains why,   "Fast Boot doesn't just work every time so that if you've got apps that might not boot up or load up properly with the Fast Boot, you've got the option to boot up in regular mode."

More Fast Boot Testing

Gizmo Crunch conducted their own Fast Boot test checking out how different applications load after Fast Boot, and didn't have any issues after installing multiple apps, such as Gmail, Maps, and the native Android Browser and they reported all systems go. Gizmo crunch also noted normal boot took 1 minute and 22 seconds, that in and of itself is pretty good, not Fast Boot good, but good none the less.

Anyone getting a Thunderbolt can see how Fast Boot works on their own device, either way, apps loading fine or not,10 second boot is outstanding and everything else is just a delicious icing on a really good cake.


Slashgear's HTC Thunderbolt Fast Boot video