There Will Be A Google Nexus Tablet After All


The Nexus Tablet Will Be First To 3.1

Many people thought that the Motorola Xoom would be the Nexus of tablets, recent news however says LG will be the manufacturer of the official Google Tablet.  The new tablet should be available later summer or early fall and it will be the first to feature the official 3.1 Honeycomb update.

The Xoom did feature the first working version of Android Honeycomb and consequently was a little rough around the edges software wise. It does feature a pure Google experience and top grade hardware so it should be updated soon after the Nexus.


Tablets Running Android 2.x

Another announcement was made that said due to a licensing agreement none of the tablets currently running a 2.x version of Android will see an upgrade to Honeycomb. So if you are thinking that would be a cheaper upgrade path you will have to look elsewhere.

Impact Of A Nexus Tablet

The idea of a Nexus tablet sounds great for those who want a pure Google experience and timely upgrades. The recent announcement of Google not allowing manufacturers to make UI changes brings up some issues, what is there to differentiate them from the Nexus? Does this news cause you to think twice about your tablet decision?