The Cobra Strikes: Popular iRadar Comes To Android This April


iRadar on Your Android Phone, Floor It!

Industry leaders in radar detection systems Cobra have announced plans to bring its popular iRadar app to Android phones. Previously an iPhone exclusive, the app itself will allow savvy Android users to detect red light and speed cameras whilst driving.

iRadar: The Whys And Whats

In order to make the magic happen, aside from needing the app itself, you will need to buy a separate piece of hardware aptly called the iRadar Detection Unit. The unit will connect via Bluetooth to your Android phone, giving you access to relevant notifications, alerts, and the ability to change settings to suit your needs. It will also tap into your phone's GPS in order  to precisely attain your position (more on that below).


Why is iRadar So Popular?

Possibly the most interesting aspect of the iRadar system is its Aura database. Described as the industry's only 100% accurate red light and speed camera database, it uses GPS to pinpoint your exact position and alert you to any nearby photo/camera systems based on your speed. Basically, the faster you're going the sooner you will be alerted to what is upcoming.

So Who Wants Cobra iRadar for Android?

No prices have been officially set for the hardware or Android app. If we were to guess though, we would look towards the iPhone as a reference point. It has the app free, while the hardware retails for around $129 (it's almost safe to assume the hardware will be the same).


Anyone interested? The concept does sound very handy and it is easy to see why it has been so popular on the iPhone so far. If anyone has tried the iPhone version hit the comments below to tell us about your experiences.