Leak: HTC Pyramid Android SmartPhone Photo, 8th Wonder of the World?


HTC Pyramid Photo Leaked

New photos have emerged of an HTC phone, thanks to an anonymous photographer. This looks surprisingly similar to the rumored HTC Pyramid that was viewed last week in China.

HTC Pyramid: Powerful Smartphone

The Pyramid itself is looking up to a big breakthrough phone for HTC, boasting Android 3.0+ and other great features. A bit curvy, and large sized, the Pyramid is looking like it has dual flash to its camera, as well as a 8MP camera. The internals match up in spectacular fashion, containing a dual core Snapdragon processor, and 768MB of internal RAM.


Will Pyramid rise at CTIA? Stay Tuned

With a 4.3 inch screen, and support for the upcoming 4G network, this phone may perhaps take the attention away from the recent T-Mobile acquisition. And with CTIA around the corner, I would be surprised if we didn't see more information about the HTC Pyramid.

Source: Techblog.gr