Seesmic reinvents itself with massive app updates


Their are a lot of Twitter clients out there. Everyone has their favorite that they are generally loyal to, but with all of these Seesmic updates in the new version you might jump ship and join them if you haven't already. Better Facebook support, Twitlonger support, new widgets and more will surely make this the most talked about Twitter client! If you use Twitter at all you should definitely give them a try, I think you'd be surprised with how much their app can do! Update or install the app from the market here,  and check out their full announcement of the new features below;



Seesmic for Android Update with Full Facebook Support, Twitlonger and Much More!

Seesmic for Android is one of our most popular applications, and for good reason. Now, we're giving you even more reason to try Seesmic for Android with our latest update.


In version 1.6 of Seesmic for Android, you'll see the following new features:

  • Complete Facebook support with Facebook pages – Add one or multiple Facebook accounts, view updates, comment, like, post to your accounts as wellas to all the Facebook pages you're an admin of


  • Support of TwitLonger – if you post tweets that are longer than 140 characters, we've got your back with the new Twitlonger integration

  • More Widgets – Our popular widgets are now available for all services, including Facebook, Twitter, Chatter and Google Buzz

  • Inline comments – For Chatter and Google Buzz, you can now view comments inline when you tap on an update
  • Retweeted By – See the list of people that retweeted a tweet
  • No Lost Tweets – Ability to load missing tweets by tapping inside the gap within your timeline
  • URL Shortener – Shorten your links with one of the hottest new shortners

What are you waiting for? The new Seesmic for Android update is live on the Android Marketplace and ready for you.


Salesforce Chatter Plugin Now In Public Beta

After several months of diligent testing, the Salesforce Chatter plugin is now available in public beta.

The plugin is a direct extension of's powerful internal collaboration service, Chatter. By tying Chatter into Seesmic Desktop, the content from social networks like Twitter or Linkedin can now be seamlessly shared to your workforce via Chatter, in a single click.


The integration of Chatter, which will soon be available on all of the Seesmic applications, is a huge step toward merging internal collaboration and external social networks.

The Chatter plugin for Seesmic desktop allows you to:

  • View updates about the people, groups and records you follow
  • Create posts with photos, links or text and share them to Chatter
  • View documents and links shared by others
  • Find and follow people within your organization and comment on their activity in stream
  • Find and join groups within your organization
  • View coworkers' profiles, contact info, title, bio and more

A screenshot of the plugin in action, below.


The synergy that results with powerful internal collaboration tools like Chatter is unmatched, and it is quickly becoming a must for all companies, both big and small.

If you haven't already, go to and create your free Chatter account. Then, download the plugin either within the Seesmic Desktop app, or within the marketplace here.

If you run into any questions as you're setting up the new Chatter plugin for Seesmic Desktop, feel free to refer to the in-depth PDF tutorial here.

Here's to efficiency!

Finally, A Huge Thanks to Everyone That Took Our Survey

We sent out a survey a few weeks back to get your insight on the next features you'd like to see in Seesmic, and the response was overwhelming. Within the first few hours, we had over 7,000 respondents. The insight that you all provided in the survey will be crucial for the future of Seesmic, and our products as a whole. All we can say is, thank you!

Stay tuned for the next update from Seesmic.


The Seesmic Team