Samsung Nightwing? Well Something Just Passed Through the FCC


Samsung Nightwing: FCC Clears It, Seen Before?

A few months ago, Samsung teased all of us with a new phone. This Android-powered device was known back then under the name Nightwing, believed to have the model number T839. Well it seems something just passed through the FCC's hands with that same model number.

Samsung Nightwing: Android Phone or Superhero Accessory

The rumors back months ago were claiming that this Nightwing phone would have a modest 480 — 320 screen resolution. But the T839 that is rearing its head this time around is showing a screen resolution of 480 — 800. This should make for a nice sized, middle of the road phone from Samsung.

The phone should hopefully be launching in near future on a T-Mobile network near you.


Source: PhandroidAndroidTrek