Samsung Brings the Heat with their upcoming Boost Mobile Announcement

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Samsung Partners with Boost Mobile

Its no secret that Samsung has been making a pretty penny with Android. They mentioned their own smartphone OS a while back, but we haven't really heard much about it in a while. So when Samsung says they have an announcement with a carrier, you probably immediately think Android like I do.


Boost Mobile Needs More Android Phones and Samsung can Deliver

Boost Mobile currently has only one Android phone, the Motorola i1. Can you imagine what Boost Mobile's customers must be going through, having only ONE choice in regards to Android phones? I can't see how ANYONE would put up with the lack of choice, so having Samsung bring them another Android phone is, as my brother loves to say, a no-brainer!

And Now, a Boost Mobile-Samsung Android Phone Prediction

If I were a betting man I'd say this would be a PTT Android Galaxy S phone announcement next month, which is coming after Samsung's announcements this month. Since Boost is a smaller carrier, it might have gotten lost in the shuffle, so having a separate announcement is a nice touch. Anyone have any other theories on what this could be, or is it painfully obvious that it's a new Galaxy phone? Let us know in the comments.