Quad Core CPUs for ASUS Android Tablets & Netbooks!

March 8, 2011 - Written By Douglas Richards

ASUS Intends to bring Quad Core to Product Line

ASUS is pushing the boundaries to gain more respect and notoriety in the Android realm. They are looking to beef up their Android devices and challenge Motorola and Samsung for bragging rights in the tablet market. The CEO Jerry Shen says some of the advancements for the company will include 3-D displays and quad core processors for its tablets and netbooks. All of them will have the Android operating systems.

Will Asus Deliver on Quad Core Boasts?

ASUS produces some cool laptops and there is no doubt that they will make some awesome tablets and netbooks. I must admit that they are talking a good game and it will be interesting to see what they deliver in the near future. They need that big Android product to WOW the tech world. Good luck ASUS.

Source: Phandroid