PopCap Survey on Mobile Gaming Offers Some Shocking Numbers


PopCap Releases 94 Page Survey on Mobile Gaming

PopCap released a 94 page report about the state of mobile gaming across platforms and devices. James Deruvo of AndroidCommunity wrote up a nice summary of the study including many which were pretty surprising to me!  Here is a round up of the findings.

Mobile Gaming Findings — Highlights

  • Females almost play as many mobile games as males
  • The average age of a mobile gamer is 40 years old
  • New smartphone users' gaming frequency increases 92% weekly, 45% of which play daily
  • 87% of smartphone users purchase 2x as many games compared to those with web-enabled phones
  • Mobile phone users in the UK are more likely to play games on their phones than those in the US
  • Smartphone users spent $10 more on mobile phone games compared to others

Want to read the full Mobile Gaming Survey?

Full report is available (PDF document) at the Info Solutions Group website.  Credit for the write-up and images to AndroidCommunity.  And thanks again to PopCap for bringing us their state of the mobile gaming universe.