Samsung Nexus S: Training Begins for Mobilicity Soon

nexus s canada

Who's Getting the Samsung Nexus S?

Well this time, it's all about Canada. It seems like every major carrier in Canada is getting the Samsung Nexus S, but it's Mobilicity that's gaining the spotlight this article.

Mobilicity: Let the Training Begin

Bell, TELUS, Rogers, Mobilicity, etc. are all getting the tech-savvy Nexus S sometime in the next month. Pre-orders for this phone are being taken by Best Buy and Mobilicity. But the real story is that the carrier Mobilicity is starting its training for the Nexus S starting April 1st. The training will include how to set up the phone, how the phone works, and number of other awesome features to show off on Samsung's pure Google phone.

With training about to begin, it sound like the Nexus S rollout will begin soon. So to all you Canadians out there, be on the lookout, the Samsung Nexus S will be showing up at a carrier near you.