New Archos Gen 9 tablet to feature SSD


Archos Gen 9 Android Tablets are a Tech Dream

You guessed it, we have another Android tablet looking to rival the Apple iPad2 upon its release in early summer. The Archos Gen 9 tablets will sport Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb) on release and have a starting price of â‚¬400 (approximately $566) when released in June.

Specs for Archos Gen 9 Tablets

  • 1.6 GHz ARM A9 – dual core processor (competitive with Apple's 1 GHz dual core processor)
  • Up to 250 GB HDD / 32 GB SSD (yes, a solid-state drive)
  • New disruptive 3G modem solutions implemented in all Gen 9 tablets

I'm interested in seeing what screen sizes are released over the summer to see how they compete with Apple. Anyone out there waiting to buy an Android tablet? What are your top picks as of now?  Are these Archos offerings on your list?