Music Fan? Android Lover? Collectable Android Accessory Adapters for Headsets

March 29, 2011 - Written By Chris Yackulic

What is Makible?

Makible is kind of a startup company that is creating a new way of making things. They connect up with communities and help to create products that solve their common problems. It seems like they are just now getting started since they announced that this is one of Makible’s first products, yet they are already making a big hit with people. I already know people who heard about it before me and are already wanting to get a pair, including myself.

Makible: Collect And Customize

These may seem just like regular headphones, but in fact they are both fully functional as well as collectable, with 4 swappable covers for the cord wrap with a hands-free function. I am a BIG music lover and I love Android just as much, I don’t want to spend money on expensive headphones, and so I get earphone cords getting in the way and getting tangled, every other little thing breaking including the clip, and the buttons not working. That’s what I get for going cheap I guess.

These headphones will save my life. they have a integrated cord wrap, a magnetic clip instead of a cheap little spring clip, and a single button control just like most Android devices have. I know all of this might be confusing and you’re probably wondering how it works, but thanks to Makible, I was able to get some great pictures to show you guys.

Why Should I Not Wait To Buy?

Don’t wait until later to get these great headphones, because you just might not get the chance to. Only 10,000 units will be made until they move onto a newer design. Man, my payday never looked so far away.

I would say that these are a must have for any Android and music lover, these are simply too good to be true, though I am interested in their future designs. This amazing headset is only $20. There is an iPhone headphone adapter for Android for only $10, though I don’t think any Android user would be caught with iPhone headphones, I guess it’s for iPhone users that are thinking about converting to Android. Ha.

Head over to the site now for more information and a video on how all this goes together.