Motorola/AT&T Rolling Out Atrix 4G Update 4.1.57


The screenshot you see to the left is the notification one Atrix user saw prompting him/her to update their phone to the newest software. This is no Gingerbread update unfortunately, but something is better than nothing. This update addresses the following:

    • Improved Fingerprint reader performance.
    • Improve battery performance for longer battery life.
    • Display will turn off automatically now when charging directly on wall charger.
    • Improved phone stability resulting in fewer occurrences of touch unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
    • Improved performance of car dock and 3.5mm jack.

Hopefully Moto and AT&T will begin pushing out the Gingerbread update soon, but until then, enjoy this maintenance update.


Image: Android Community