Market Analyst Rips Honeycomb, Suggests Google Stick To The Web


Honeycomb Called Out As"by the geeks, for the geeks, and of the geeks"

A representative of a research company Wednesday, went Donald Trump on Google and Honeycomb calling for a firing of those behind the new tables OS. They are saying that basically Honeycomb has no chance for mainstream success. It sounds like the same cries about the original Android OS and clearly they were off base as a matter of fact Dead Wrong.

In a statement to investors, Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research said Android 3.0 is doomed to fail next to Apple's iPad 2. I'm not sure if he thinks Honeycomb needs to be "dumbed down", but his Geek statement certainly paints that picture. Sure Honeycomb could have been designed with a simpler iOS type of experience, but I'm sure the normal person can handle widgets, home screens, and multitasking.



Gripes With Honeycomb

Mr. Chowdry has four main complaints in regards to his review of Honeycomb

  • the Motorola XOOM can sometimes freeze and crash
  • battery life can be inconsistent
  • battery standby time is only 10 to 12 hours compared to 30 days for the iPad
  • auto-wrap of text on the tablet's screen doesn't work correctly

The battery life he points to twice has much more to do with the Motorola Xoom hardware than to do with Honeycomb obviously. Besides why on earth would anyone shell out the hundreds of dollars for a tablet and use it once a month, the 30 day standby time is utterly useless.

Honeycomb Is Still In The Infant Stage

Whenever an entirely new platform is released their will inevitably be some bugs and quirks to work out which can attribute to the Xoom having issues when running apps that were designed for a phone and not a tablet. The Original Android OS was not the best product to hit the market and the iPhone was better at the time. However that does not even seem to be the case as Honeycomb is clearly a credible option already at this point and will only see more success once developers and manufacturers have more time with the OS.


Honeycomb should not be created to cater to the lowest common dominator and frankly I don't want a tablet that's easy enough a four your old could use it. The added complexity if you would even call it that is also added functionality and the entire premise behind the analyst comments seems flawed in my eyes.

What do you guys think is Honeycomb destined to fail and only be adopted by Geeks, or will it be accepted by the masses just as the phone OS has been?

Via Android Police