Light the Rumour Fire: Kindle Moving to Android?


Amazon's Job Posting could mean Android-based Kindle Tablet

What's next for Amazon in the Android/App space after it releases the new App Store? According to the NY Times Bits blog, the next step is to put Android on its popular Kindle devices.

What's fueling the rumour? Five new job openings for Android Developers. While the posting itself could just indicate Amazon wanting to pay more attention to its Android Kindle app, the fact it was posted for its 'Lab 126' division is significant since this is the group responsible for making the Kindle itself.


Is Amazon Planning a Kindle Tablet?

Creating a Kindle running Android would mean a radical departure for Amazon with regards to its current strategy. As a Kindle user I know that its main selling point is that it is a straight book replacement with incredible battery life, super lightweight, and easy to use. Android onboard only makes sense if they are creating a tablet (an e-ink Android e-reader makes no sense, thats for sure).

In a world of the Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and Nook Color, maybe Amazon feels they could fall behind if they don't innovate. Or could it  possibly be that this is not a replacement but a companion to the existing Kindle?

The Big Benefit to Amazon Moving into Android Tablets

Whether as a companion or a replacement, a Kindle Tablet would have one big advantage. While the likes of Motorola, Samsung and HTC mainly rely on hardware sales, Amazon would be able to sell their tablet at a loss.


Why is that, you ask. Like Apple, Amazon has created an ecosystem. Buy the Kindle tablet and you will likely be buying Apps/Music/Films/TV Shows/Books all from their own store which they make money from.


It only makes sense that Amazon is at least considering and testing such devices behind closed doors. The tablet market is going to be an enticing prospect that a lot of companies are going to wanting a piece of. I just hope they keep the e-reader and add the tablet as a companion.

What do you think? Hit the comments below and tell us if you see an Amazon Android tablet coming soon, or if you'd want one.